Saturday, July 21, 2018

Letter to Hon. Tourist Minister for Prosperity through Tourism

Based on my more than 20 years experience, I have sent the FB Message to Tourist Minister for addressing the issues for promoting tourism in Nepal specially in west Nepal. Here, I have posted after a week later. Here is my solutions, simple but sweet and important.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Menstrual Hygiene: Background, Challenges and Opportunities

महिनाबारी दिबसपृष्टभूमि, चुनौती र अवसर
अंग्रेजी महिनाको यो पाचौ महिना 'मे' संसारभरी नै 'स्वस्थ महिनाबारी' अधिकारको महिनाका रुपमा मनाइरहेको छ | नेपालले पनि सन् २०१४ देखि महिनाबारी दिबस कुनै न कुनै रुपले मनाउन थालेको छ|महिलाहरु महिनाबारी हुदा रगत बग्ने दिनलाई सालाखाला मिलाएर पाच दिन हुने भएकोले पाचौ महिना लिएको हो भने, संसारभरिका महिलाहरुको महिनाबारी चक्र सालाखाला २८ दिनको हुने भएकोले २८ तारिखलाई दिबशको रुपमा मानिएको हो | जब सन् २०१४ मा सयुक्त राष्ट्र संघले लैंगिक समानता हासिल गर्न महिनाबारी बार्ने कारण एक मुख्य बाधक हो भनेर घोषणा गरेपछि बिश्व बिकाशको इतिहासमा महिनाबारिले थोरै भए पनि ठाउँ पाएको छ | अर्थात् प्रकिर्तिक रुपमा प्राप्त महिनाबारी जुन संसार भरिकै महिलाहरुले अनुभब गर्छन र जन्मेदेखि मर्ने वेलासम्म यसको प्रकिर्तिक प्रभाब र सामाजिक मूल्य मान्यता भए पनि लामो समयको अन्तरालमा मात्र महिनाबारिलाई एक सबालको रुपमा हेर्न थालियो |
संसारकै इतिहास हेर्ने हो भने सन् १९४८ देखि मानब अधिकारको बहस शुरु भयो | सन् १९७९ देखि महिला बिरुद हुने सबै खाले भेदभाव बिरुदको महासन्धि घोषणा गरि संसारभरी नै महिला अधिकार र शाश्क्तिकरनका छेत्रमा उल्लेखनीय कामहरु नभएका होएनन तर दुर्भाग्य नै भन्नु पर्दछ महिनाबारीले कतै स्थान पाएन |

Menstrual Talk: Dignity First

The month of May is considered a menstrual month globally since 2014 when UN declared that the as a key barrier for equality. At the same year, the May 28 recognized as International Menstrual Hygiene day and started as celebrations globally including Nepal. Here, May is taken for represents the five for the average bleeding day and 28 considered as average menstrual cycle. Historically, it is originated from the WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) perspective. For them, hygiene is obvious because they observed and learned that girls and women isolated or dropped off school due to not having toilet or menstrual hygiene products. But for a Nepali girl, many invisible elements matter during menstruation to live with dignity.

Key Note Speech during Menstrual Day, 2018

Dear Visitors

Here, I have shared a key note speech which was delivered during the first Dignified Menstrual Hygiene Day, May 28, 2018 at National City Hall, organized by government, Nepal.
It is in Nepali (my apology for not able to translate, I will translate in future). I was so happy by seeing the institutionalize the campaign which I have been speaking up for 35 years in voluntary basis across the globe. But I was equally sad and disappointed by seeing the communication regarding my speech. I was assigned for 45 minutes for triggering speech, later sent the written invitation letter for 20 minutes, about 12 hours before I received message for 8 minutes, I informed for 10 minutes with 5-10 minutes extra time as Nepali time (I never speak like this or beyond my provided time but two friends encourage me from the organizing committee). I received the phone call about three hours before with proposal for not presenting in front of ministers.  
I was mad and replied not presenting if they wouldn't have time with ministers. That guy was calling me from the phone of government staff. He cut the phone abruptly.
I was so confuse whether I would speak or not, when would I speak? 
I was just prepared on my own; narrative, slides as summary of narrative for non- Nepali speaker guests and mini hand books for ministers. There was no preparation on time. 
I was invited after the experimental sharing from Dailekh, 16 years girls. She only shared the experience of cowshed. That was very obvious and brave lady.
When I started to o read, about 3 minutes, I received the timer message. I continue to read so quick, I keep getting receive same message and finally, a guy came and said stop here by pointing in my paper. I have some questions, and floating on my mind;
If all of the minister were busy, why should they promised to join it.
If  they didn't like to hear the context, how could they understand the issue, suffering and sign in commitment paper.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Journey of Dignified Mensuration in Nepal: Missing the links

Menstruation is defined by the English Oxford Dictionary is a process in a woman of discharging the blood and other materials from the lining of the uterus at intervals of about one lunar month from puberty until menopause, except during pregnancy. It is natural, developmental process and symbol of reproduction.  

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Menstrual Restriction Practice and its impact on Peace, Human Right, Empowerment and SDGs in Nepal CEDAW committer Pre-session shared with IWRAW

Menstrual Restriction Practice and its impact on Peace, Human Right, Empowerment and SDGs in Nepal
                                                                Prepared by Radha Paudel Foundation
Prevalence of the Problem:
Almost Nepalese families are following more than 40 types restrictions during period regardless of caste, class, education, region, region where menstrual blood, menstrual girls/women and their belongings are considered untouchability, dirty, impurity, bad luck[1]. The word of Chhaupadi is being called to the practice of visual segregation during menstruation but segregation is continuing everywhere as invisible form. Consequently, girls/women are deprived from the rights as provisioned by Constitution 2015 includes dignity (article 16), freedom (article 17), equality (article 18), discrimination, contamination (article 24), healthy environment (article 30), education (article 31), health (article 35), food (article 36), house (article 37), women (article 38). It is continued from centuries due to ignorance, poor mindset, gender, poverty, unavailability of sanitary products, toilets[2] (only 37% toilets coverage) with water supply and poor research and policy attention. Thus, girls/women have been facing immediate and long-term problems related with reproductive and urinary systems, psychosocial wellbeing, education, employment, child or early marriage, participation, and often encountered with rape, sexual abuse, murder, snake and wild animal bite, death due to extreme hot or cold, suffocation etc. In June-July 2017, 14 years and 19 years young girls died due to snake bite at cowshed during period. Therefore, the menstruation is serious issue of dignity and human right which is beyond hygiene and infrastructure.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Miteri: What it means to me -Trina Bhattarai

The philosophy of Miteri emphasizes on living together harmoniously and mindfully. Radha Paudel, activist and author, pieced the philosophy together after surviving the trauma of Jumla attack in 2001 and while volunteering in the region afterwards. According to her, “Miteri is an ancient indigenous practice across Nepal regardless of caste, class, region, religion where mutual love and respect operate beyond blood and marriage relationship for the goal of living in togetherness. The birthplace and situation of an individual is not by choice. Miteri is a proven tool for peace and justice by connecting people from various strata and levels, reflecting and rethinking the deeds in past and encourage people to seek the reason of being born as human being in this wonderful world.”Jumla is a wonderful place to realize the meaning of Miteri the life-style, the people and scenery all allow a person to ponder not only ones existence but also existing among others. Or so was my experience.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Norvic Hospital's mis surgery: right knee instead of left

नर्भिकले निम्त्याएको निस्पटता

तिनग्टिंग....... तिनटिंग .......  आबाज आयो 
बाहिर  थिए
दौडिएर   भित्र गए ।  
मलाई फोन मिस गर्न मन थिएन तर जे लुगा लगाएको थिए त्यसमा गोजी थिएन ।  त्यसैले फोन घरभित्र र बाहिर  जताबाट पनि सुनिने र् टिप्न मिल्ने गरी झ्यालमा राखेको थिए ।  
घरमा ८१ बर्षको  बा भित्र पल्टिरहनु भएको थियो ।  घरिघरि सोद्यै हुनुहुन्थ्यो किन तीन घण्टा लाग्यो होला  हगी ? भाई बहिनीले डाक्टरसँग कुरा गरे होलान नि
बिचमा बेहोस् गर्ने डाक्टर आएर भनेका थिए रे धेरै च्यातिएको  रहेछ, त्यसैले ढिलो भो मैले जबाफ दिए | 
मैले बेहोस् गराउने काम २०५१ -२०५५ सम्म गरेकोले मेरो परिवार केही बुझ्छ र सहयोगिको भूमिका  पनि खेल्न कोशीस गर्छ ।  

Friday, February 9, 2018

Women's representation in Politics in Nepal

Women lose election NOT ONLY patriarchal mindset of political parties BUT ALSO women heavily occupied by patriarchal mindset (here we shouldn't generalize the word of patriarchy as west. The gravity and magnitude of impact in Nepal is huge and complex too). Today, we have to speak very frankly and honestly about any issues no matter whether it is about men or women. 
There are many factors though the following are major:
1. Women are so much fragment within and outside of party/parliament for class, caste, position, privileges.
2. They merely represent as women who they supposed to represent.Mostly they represent either their favorable party or party leader or husband or NGO or anyone. Means they lose and kill their bargaining capacity. As a result leaders do not consider them as competent contested but confirmed as pocket"s voice.
3. Due to socio-economic context have low status manifested by low education, income, recognition +++
4. Yet to have women's movement. Since CPA 2006, women merely involved in dialogues and other decisions but there is no strong voice among the political women. Often NGO make certain waves and visibility but it is also circumvented among non-elite, small, or powerless NGO and their employees. Yet none of political leaders have done systematic mobilization and appeal for movement. Few campaign have done with filthy and fragile in nature.
5. Syndicate among women lead alliances and parties. No young and rational voice get space. Everything allow and accept if there is fancy body languages and reports.
6. Women also heavily involved in corruption inside and outside of party.The honesty, accountability, governance are only confined for training nor for practice.
7. NGOs and media do not represent as CSO.
8. There is no specific orientation for political culture and skills. Project based NGO intervention is building more biased and confused leaders.
To be continued.…/2017-12…/20171215064209.html

Appeal for Nursing Protest 2018

नर्स साथीहरुलाई मेरो अनुरोध
१ आन्दोलनको सातौ दिन बार्ता टोलि गठन गर्ने संकेत देखियो जुन आँफैमा स्वागतयोग्य छ । तर देशै भरी जागेको आन्दोलन भने बार्ताको नाममा रोकिनु हुन्न । पूर्व योजानानुसार झन सशक्त बनाउदै लग्नु पर्छ ।
२ ११ बुदाले आज सम्मको शोषनका सबै पक्ष अझै समेट्न सकेको छैन । हरेक बुदाले आ -आफ्नै द्रिस्टन्त बोकेकोले कुनै एक बुदा सुनुयाहि भयो यसपाली भैइहाल्यो भनेर आन्दोलन छोड्नु हुन्न ।
३ सेबा ठप्प पर्दा बिरामीलाई असर् पक्कै पनि पुगेको छ तर त्यस्को जिम्मा राज्यले लिनु पर्दछ किन भने नर्सिङ पेशालाई राज्यले कहिल्यै पनि बैज्ञानीक र सम्मानित पेशाको रुपमा हेरेन र देखेन ।
४ बार्ता टोलिमा युबा, पिडक् नर्स को पनि सहभगिता आबस्एक छ
५ भाबनामा नर्सले जुगौ बिताए अब त्यो नदोहोरियोस अन्यथा ईतिहासले माफ गर्ने छैन
Nura Sapkota,Laxmi Tamang,Ramesh Subba,Ramesh Aryal,Laxmi Kc,Tara PokhrelRadhika Regmi,Devi SapkotaSumita PathakRamila Chaulagain,

Jan 17, 2018

Radha-I am a citizen of Rape Accepted Country

बलात्कार स्वीकारिएको देशको नागरिक म—राधा

मैले बारम्बार सार्बजनिक रुपमा नै भन्दै आएको छु आजका मितीमा यदि मलाई बलात्कार भयोभने मैले कम्तिमा पनि सयपटक आफूले आफैलाई सोध्नेछु उजुरी गरु कि नगरु  भनेर |तथापी मलाई कोहि कसैले अनिच्छित रुपमा जिस्काउन पनि पाउदैन; गलत द्रिस्तिकोनले हेर्नपनि पाउदैन अर्थात् हेर्योभने दुर्ब्ब्यबहर हुन्छ वा अपराध हो भन्ने थाहा भएको, यहि कुरा सिकाउदै हिडेको पनि दशकौ भैसकेको छ | कानुनको बिद्यार्थी नभएपनि यो देशको संबिधान, कानुनले के भन्छ भन्ने पनि थाहा छ | म पुलिस, वकिल, मानब अधिकारकर्मी, पत्रकार, महिला मानब अधिकारकर्मी, सरकारी संयन्त्रका बारेमा केहि जानिफकार पनि छु, त्यही सस्थामा काम गर्नेहरुले मलाई केहि हदसम्म चिन्छन् पनि | यदि चिनेका छैनन् भने पनि मेरो नाम सुनेपछि वा देखेपछी मलाई चिन्छन् भन्ने विश्वास पनि छ  |

Causes for dragging behind in political discourse

देश उभो लाग्न देखिने ठुला खाडल मात्र हैन हामीले अक्सर मेसो नपाएको, झिना मसिना कुराहरु छन जो बहसमा आउनै सकेका छैनन, ति कुरा बाधक छन । यि त केही उदाहरण मात्र हुन 
१ जिबन भर महिला को अधिकारको भाषान गरेर नथक्ने नेताकी श्रीमती सेतो पहिरन
२ श्रीमान सँग भौतिक र कानुन् ले छुतियकी, महिल अधिकार र राजनीतिक आभियन्ता तर ति श्रीमान मर्दा र पछी रातो रङ सँग छोड् पत्र 
३. जिन्दगी भर प्रकिर्तिलाई चुनौती दिएर टेस्ट. टिउब बच्चा जन्मौने डक्तर साथी बिरामी पर्दा पशुपतिमा बत्ती बाल्ने 
४ जिबन भर जनताको सेबा गरेको नेता २०० महिला बेच्ने, ४ कोठी सन्चालन गर्ने
५ प्रोजेक्ट र आफ्नो राजनैतीक तथा सामाजिक भाषा को ओकालत गर्ने पत्रकार र NGO workers 


एक्लै लड्ने, मर्ने उर्जा देखावटी हुनै सक्दैन 
असीम अन्याय को आगो बले पछो कसैले रोक्नै सक्दैन 
होस् गर आसे पासे हो अब बलुवा मा घर बन्दैन 
कि देश छोड्, कि जेल रोज यसरी अब चल्दै चल्दैन

Letter to Hon. Tourist Minister for Prosperity through Tourism

Based on my more than 20 years experience, I have sent the FB Message to Tourist Minister for addressing the issues for promoting tourism ...